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Nintendo Switch

  1. 1-2-Switch [PAL]
  2. 3D Mini Golf [PAL]
  3. 88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition [PAL]
  4. Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron Extended Edition [PAL]
  5. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion [PAL]
  6. AeternoBlade II [PAL]
  7. Aggelos [PAL]
  8. A Hat In Time [PAL]
  9. Air Conflicts Collection [PAL]
  10. All-Star Fruit Racing [PAL]
  11. Among The Sleep – Enhanced Edition [PAL]
  12. Anata no Shikihime Kyoudoutan [JAP]
  13. Aoki Raitei Gunvolt Striker Pack Genteiban [JAP]
  14. A. O. T. 2 [PAL]
  15. A. O. T. 2: Final Battle [PAL]
  16. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia [USA]
  17. Aragami: Shadow Edition [PAL]
  18. ARMS [PAL]
  19. Ash of Gods: Redemption [PAL]
  20. Assassin’s Creed III Remastered [PAL]
  21. Asterix & Obelix XXL2 [PAL]
  22. Asterix & Obelix XXL2 Limited Edition [PAL]
  23. Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir Limited Edition [PAL]
  24. Astral Chain [PAL]
  25. Astral Chain Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  26. Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ [PAL]
  27. Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~The Alchemists And The Mysterious Paintings~ [PAL]
  28. ATV Drift & Tricks [PAL]
  29. Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition [PAL]
  30. Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack [PAL]
  31. Baldur’s Gate & Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Editions [PAL]
  32. Baldur’s Gate & Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Editions Collector’s Pack [PAL]
  33. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Championship Edition [PAL]
  34. Batman – The Telltale Series [PAL]
  35. BattleChasers: Nightwar [PAL]
  36. Battle Worlds: Kronos [PAL]
  37. Bayonetta Infinite Climax Edition [JAP]
  38. Bayonetta Special Edition [PAL]
  39. Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta [PAL]
  40. Beast Quest [PAL]
  41. Bee Simulator [PAL]
  42. Ben 10 [PAL]
  43. Bendy and the Ink Machine [PAL]
  44. Big Buck Hunter Arcade [PAL x2]
  45. Blade Strangers [JAP]
  46. BlazBlue CentralFiction Special Edition [PAL]
  47. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle [PAL]
  48. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night [PAL]
  49. Bomber Crew: Complete Edition [PAL]
  50. Brawlout [PAL]
  51. Bridge Constructor Portal [Gamefairy #001] [PAL]
  52. Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse [PAL]
  53. Cabela’s The Hunt Championship Edition [PAL]
  54. Call of Cthulhu [PAL]
  55. Candle: The Power of the Flame [PAL]
  56. Capcom Belt Action Collection Collector’s Box [JAP]
  57. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker [PAL]
  58. Carnival Games [PAL]
  59. Cars 3: Driven to Win [PAL]
  60. Cartoon Network Battle Crashers [PAL]
  61. Cat Quest [PAL]
  62. Caveman Warriors Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  63. Cave Story+ [USA]
  64. Chicken Range [PAL]
  65. Child of Light Ultimate Edition + Valiant Hearts: The Great War [PAL]
  66. Children of Morta [PAL]
  67. Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Everybuddy! [JAP]
  68. Cities: Skylines Nintendo Switch Edition [PAL]
  69. Close to the Sun [PAL]
  70. Code of Princess EX [JAP]
  71. Collection of Mana [PAL]
  72. Constructor Plus [PAL]
  73. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy [PAL]
  74. Crash Dummy [PAL]
  75. Cytus α [JAP]
  76. Cytus α Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  77. Daemon X Machina [PAL]
  78. Daemon X Machina Orbital Limited Edition [PAL]
  79. Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition [PAL]
  80. Darksiders Warmastered Edition [PAL x2]
  81. Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition [PAL]
  82. Dark Souls: Remastered [PAL]
  83. Dead Cells: Action Game of the Year Edition [PAL]
  84. de Blob [PAL]
  85. de blob 2 [PAL]
  86. Deemo [JAP]
  87. Deponia [PAL]
  88. Destiny Connect [JAP]
  89. Diablo III: Eternal Collection [PAL]
  90. Disgaea 1 Complete [PAL]
  91. Disgaea 5 Complete [PAL x2]
  92. Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King [PAL]
  93. Disney Tsum Tsum Festival [PAL]
  94. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [PAL]
  95. Doom [PAL]
  96. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch [PAL]
  97. Dragon Marked For Death [JAP]
  98. Dragon Quest Builders [PAL]
  99. Dragon Quest Builders 2 [PAL]
  100. Dragon Quest Heroes I+II for Nintendo Switch [JAP]
  101. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition [PAL]
  102. Dreamworks Dragons Dawn of New Riders [PAL]
  103. Dungeons & Dragons Enhanced Edition Ultimate Collection [PAL]
  104. Dusk Diver Day One Edition [PAL]
  105. Earthlock [SRG#16] [PAL]
  106. Earthlock Collector’s Edition [SRG#16] [PAL]
  107. Evoland Legendary Edition [SRG#22] [PAL]
  108. Fairune Collection [SRG#14] [PAL]
  109. Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory [PAL]
  110. Farm Expert 2019 for Nintendo Switch [PAL]
  111. Farming Simulator – Nintendo Switch Edition [PAL]
  112. Farming Simulator 20 [PAL]
  113. Fate/EXTELLA Link [PAL]
  114. Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star [PAL]
  115. FIA European Truck Championship [PAL]
  116. FIFA 18 [PAL]
  117. Fimbul [PAL]
  118. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster [PAL]
  119. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age [PAL]
  120. Fire Emblem Musou Treasure Box [JAP]
  121. Fire Emblem: Three Houses [PAL]
  122. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Limited Edition [PAL]
  123. Fire Emblem Warriors [PAL]
  124. Fire Emblem Warriors Limited Edition [PAL]
  125. Flashback 25th Anniversary [PAL]
  126. Flipping Death [PAL]
  127. Forager [PAL]
  128. Fort Boyard [PAL]
  129. For The King [PAL]
  130. Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition [PAL]
  131. Furwind Special Edition [PAL]
  132. Gal*Gun 2 [PAL]
  133. Gal Metal World Tour Edition [PAL]
  134. Garfield Kart Furious Racing [PAL]
  135. Gelly Break [PAL]
  136. Gem Smashers [PAL]
  137. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered [PAL]
  138. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition [PAL]
  139. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal [PAL]
  140. Goat Simulator: THE GOATY [PAL]
  141. God Wars The Complete Legend [PAL]
  142. Grave Danger [PAL]
  143. Grip [PAL]
  144. Grip AirBlades vs Rollers Ultimate Edition [PAL]
  145. Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack [PAL]
  146. Gun Gun Pixies Day One Edition [PAL]
  147. Happy Birthdays [PAL]
  148. Harvest Life [PAL]
  149. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  150. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition [PAL]
  151. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition – Complete [PAL]
  152. Harvest Moon: Mad Dash [PAL]
  153. Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch [PAL]
  154. Hellmut – The Badass From Hell [PAL]
  155. Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio Friends [PAL]
  156. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek [PAL]
  157. Heroland Knowble Edition [PAL]
  158. Hollow Knight [PAL]
  159. Horizon Chase Turbo [PAL]
  160. Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard [PAL]
  161. Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard Case Bundle [PAL]
  162. Human: Fall Flat [SRG#1] [PAL]
  163. Hunting Simulator [PAL]
  164. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition [PAL]
  165. Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure [PAL]
  166. Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna [JAP]
  167. Ittle Dew 2+ [USA]
  168. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf [SRG#15] [PAL]
  169. Jumanji The Video Game [PAL]
  170. Junior League Sports 3-in-1 Collection [PAL]
  171. Just Dance 2017 [PAL]
  172. Just Dance 2018 [PAL]
  173. Just Dance 2019 [PAL]
  174. Just Dance 2020 [PAL]
  175. Katamari Encore [JAP]
  176. Killer Queen Black [PAL]
  177. KILL la KILL IF The Game [PAL]
  178. Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition [SRG#11] [PAL]
  179. Knights of Pen and Paper II Deluxier Edition [SRG#12] [PAL]
  180. Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa [PAL]
  181. Langrisser I & II Genteiban [JAP]
  182. L.A. Noire [PAL]
  183. Lastfight [PAL]
  184. Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  185. Legendary Fishing [PAL]
  186. Legend of Kay – Anniversary [PAL]
  187. LEGO City Undercover [PAL]
  188. LEGO DC Super-Villains [PAL]
  189. LEGO DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  190. LEGO Harry Potter Collection [PAL]
  191. LEGO Jurassic World [PAL]
  192. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 [PAL]
  193. LEGO The Incredibles [PAL]
  194. LEGO Worlds [PAL]
  195. Little Dragons Café [PAL]
  196. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats [PAL]
  197. Little Nightmares Complete Edition [PAL]
  198. Lost Sphear [PAL]
  199. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime [SRG#4] [PAL]
  200. Luigi’s Mansion 3 [PAL]
  201. Lumo [PAL]
  202. Machinarium [SRG#17] [PAL]
  203. Mahjong Deluxe 3 [PAL]
  204. Makai Senki Disgaea Refine Shokai Genteiban [JAP]
  205. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [PAL]
  206. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [PAL]
  207. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition [PAL]
  208. Mario Tennis Aces [PAL]
  209. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order [PAL]
  210. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood [PAL]
  211. Minecraft [PAL]
  212. Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure [PAL]
  213. Minecraft Story Mode – Season 2 [PAL]
  214. Monopoly for Nintendo Switch [PAL]
  215. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate [PAL]
  216. Moonlighter [PAL]
  217. Mortal Kombat 11 [PAL]
  218. MotoGP18 [PAL]
  219. Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition [PAL]
  220. Mutant Mudds Collection [SRG#5] [PAL]
  221. MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame [PAL]
  222. My Hero One’s Justice [PAL]
  223. My Riding Stables – Life with Horses [PAL]
  224. My Time At Portia [PAL]
  225. N++: Ultimate Edition [SRG#8] [PAL]
  226. Namco Museum Arcade Pac [PAL]
  227. NBA 2K18 [PAL]
  228. NBA 2K19 [PAL]
  229. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 [PAL]
  230. Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists -Ateliers of the New World- [PAL]
  231. Neo ATLAS 1469 [PAL]
  232. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition [PAL]
  233. New Super Lucky’s Tale [PAL]
  234. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe [PAL]
  235. Nickelodeon Kart Racers [PAL]
  236. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol On A Roll [PAL]
  237. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol On A Roll Case Bundle [PAL]
  238. Nightmare Boy [PAL]
  239. Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon [PAL]
  240. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [PAL]
  241. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit [PAL]
  242. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit [PAL]
  243. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit [PAL]
  244. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit [PAL]
  245. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit Starter Set + Blaster [PAL]
  246. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit Expansion Set 1 [PAL]
  247. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit Expansion Set 2 [PAL]
  248. Nippon Marathon [PAL]
  249. Northgard [PAL]
  250. Octahedron [SRG#26] [PAL]
  251. Octopath Traveler [PAL]
  252. Octopath Traveler: Traveler’s Compendium Edition [PAL]
  253. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 – Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  254. One Piece: Unlimited World R Deluxe Edition [JAP]
  255. Oniken + Odallus Collection [EAS#5] [ASIA]
  256. Oni no Naku Kuni [JAP]
  257. Ookami Zekkeiban e-Capcom Genteiban [PAL]
  258. Our World Is Ended. Day One Edition [PAL]
  259. Overcooked! Special Edition [PAL]
  260. Overcooked! 2 [PAL]
  261. Overcooked! Special Edition + Overcooked! 2 [PAL]
  262. Owlboy [PAL]
  263. Owlboy: Limited Edition [PAL]
  264. Panda Hero [PAL]
  265. Payday 2 [PAL]
  266. Peach Ball Senran Kagura Peach & Reflex Gentei W Pack [JAP]
  267. Pilot Sports [PAL]
  268. PixArk [PAL]
  269. Planescape: Torment & Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition [PAL]
  270. Poi: Explorer Edition [PAL]
  271. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! [PAL]
  272. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! + Poké Ball Plus [PAL]
  273. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! [PAL]
  274. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! + Poké Ball Plus [PAL]
  275. Pokémon Shield [PAL]
  276. Pokémon Sword [PAL]
  277. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Dual Pack SteelBook Edition [PAL]
  278. Pokkén Tournament DX [PAL]
  279. Portal Knights [PAL]
  280. Psyvariar Delta Limited Edition [JAP]
  281. Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition [PAL]
  282. Puyo Puyo Tetris [PAL]
  283. Q.U.B.E 2 [SRG#13] [PAL]
  284. Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition [PAL]
  285. Raging Loop Day One Edition [PAL]
  286. Rapala Fishing Pro Series [PAL]
  287. Rayman Legends Definitive Edition [PAL]
  288. Redeemer: Enhanced Edition [PAL]
  289. Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered [PAL]
  290. Remi Lore: Shoujo to Isekai to Madoushou [JAP]
  291. Remothered: Tormented Fathers [JAP]
  292. Reverie: Sweet As Edition Limited Edition [EAS#4] [ASIA]
  293. RICO [PAL]
  294. RiME [PAL]
  295. Ring Fit Adventure [PAL]
  296. RIVE Ultimate Edition [SRG#20] [PAL]
  297. RIOT: Civil Unrest [PAL]
  298. Risk of Rain 1 + 2 [PAL]
  299. Rocket League Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  300. Rockman & Rockman X 5in1 Special Box [JAP]
  301. Rockman 11: Unmei no Haguruma!! Complete Edition e-Capcom Genteiban [JAP]
  302. RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures [PAL]
  303. Root Letter: Last Answer Day One Edition [PAL]
  304. Runbow – Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  305. RXN -Raijin- Limited Edition [EAS#2] [ASIA]
  306. Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package [PAL]
  307. Scribblenauts Showdown [PAL]
  308. Sega Mega Drive Classics [PAL]
  309. Seiken Densetsu Collection [JAP]
  310. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition [PAL]
  311. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn [PAL]
  312. Shelter Generations [SRG#3] [PAL]
  313. Shikhondo: Soul Eater Limited Edition [EAS#3] [ASIA]
  314. Shining Resonance Refrain [PAL]
  315. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove [PAL]
  316. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI [PAL]
  317. Silence [PAL]
  318. Sine Mora Ex [PAL]
  319. Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack [PAL]
  320. Slain: Back From Hell [PAL]
  321. Slay the Spire [PAL]
  322. Smoke and Sacrifice [SRG#25] [PAL]
  323. Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold [PAL]
  324. Snack World Trejarers Gold [JAP]
  325. Snake Pass [SRG#7] [PAL]
  326. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered [PAL]
  327. Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition [PAL]
  328. Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together! [PAL]
  329. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection [PAL]
  330. SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy [PAL]
  331. Snooker 19 The Official Videogame [PAL]
  332. Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase [PAL]
  333. Songbird Symphony [PAL]
  334. Sonic Forces Bonus Edition [PAL]
  335. Sonic Mania Plus [PAL]
  336. Sparklite [PAL]
  337. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy [PAL]
  338. Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds [PAL]
  339. South Park: The Fractured But Whole [PAL]
  340. Sports Party [PAL]
  341. Starlink: Battle for Atlas [PAL]
  342. Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack [PAL]
  343. Star Wars Pinball [PAL]
  344. State of Mind [PAL]
  345. SteamWorld Dig 2 [PAL]
  346. SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech [SRG#23] [PAL]
  347. Steredenn: Binary Stars [SRG#9] [PAL]
  348. Stern Pinball Arcade [PAL]
  349. Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands [PAL]
  350. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection [PAL x2]
  351. Street Outlaws: The List [PAL]
  352. Superbeat Xonic EX [PAL]
  353. Super Bomberman R [PAL]
  354. Super Chariot [PAL]
  355. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission [PAL]
  356. Super Mario Maker 2 [PAL]
  357. Super Mario Odyssey [PAL]
  358. Super Neptunia RPG [PAL]
  359. Super Putty Squad [PAL]
  360. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [PAL]
  361. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition [PAL]
  362. Super Street: Racer [PAL]
  363. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido [PAL]
  364. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  365. Syberia [PAL]
  366. Syberia 1 & 2 [PAL]
  367. Syberia 2 [PAL]
  368. Syberia 3 [PAL]
  369. Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum’n’Fun! [PAL]
  370. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition [PAL]
  371. Team Sonic Racing [PAL]
  372. Tennis World Tour [PAL]
  373. Tennis World Tour Legends Edition [PAL]
  374. Terraria [PAL]
  375. Teslagrad [PAL]
  376. Tetris 99 [PAL]
  377. The Adventure Pals [SRG#10] [PAL]
  378. The Banner Saga Trilogy [PAL]
  379. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ [PAL]
  380. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 [PAL]
  381. The Coma: Recut [PAL]
  382. The Count Lucanor [PAL]
  383. The Darkside Detective [SRG#21] [PAL]
  384. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [PAL]
  385. The Escapists 2 [PAL]
  386. The Flame in the Flood [SRG#2] [PAL]
  387. The Gardens Between [SRG#24] [PAL]
  388. The Gardens Between Collector’s Edition [SRG#24] [PAL]
  389. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [PAL]
  390. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition [PAL]
  391. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening [PAL]
  392. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Limited Edition [PAL]
  393. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame [PAL]
  394. The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame [PAL]
  395. The Lost Child [PAL]
  396. The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors [PAL]
  397. The Princess Guide [PAL]
  398. The Raven Remastered [PAL]
  399. The Walking Dead: The Final Season [PAL]
  400. The World Ends with You: Final Remix [PAL]
  401. This is the Police [PAL]
  402. This is the Police II [PAL]
  403. This War of Mine: Complete Edition [PAL]
  404. Titan Quest [PAL]
  405. Toki [PAL]
  406. Toki Retrollector Edition [PAL]
  407. Toki Tori Collection [SRG#19] [PAL]
  408. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore [PAL]
  409. Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle [PAL]
  410. Trailblazers [PAL]
  411. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes [PAL]
  412. Trials Rising Gold Edition [PAL]
  413. Trine 4 – The Nightmare Prince [PAL]
  414. Troll and I [PAL]
  415. Trüberbrook [PAL]
  416. TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge [PAL]
  417. Two Tribes 2001-2019 Mega Pack [SRG#19/20] [PAL]
  418. ULTRA Street Fighter II The Final Challengers [PAL]
  419. Ultrawings flat [PAL]
  420. Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure [PAL]
  421. Unravel two [PAL]
  422. Urban Trial Playground [PAL]
  423. Valfaris [PAL]
  424. Valkyria Chronicles 4 [PAL]
  425. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story [PAL]
  426. Vampyr [PAL]
  427. Vaporum [PAL]
  428. Vegas Party [PAL]
  429. Victor Vran: Overkill Edition [PAL]
  430. Voez [JAP]
  431. Wargroove Deluxe Edition [PAL]
  432. Warriors Orochi 4 [PAL]
  433. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut [PAL]
  434. Wild Guns Reloaded [US]
  435. Windstorm: Ari’s Arrival [PAL]
  436. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap [PAL]
  437. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap [ASIA]
  438. Worldend Syndrome Day One Edition [PAL]
  439. Worms W.M.D [SRG#6] [PAL]
  440. Wulverblade [SRG#18] [PAL]
  441. WWE 2K18 [PAL]
  442. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [PAL]
  443. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  444. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country [PAL]
  445. Xenon Racer [PAL]
  446. X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition [PAL]
  447. Yesterday Origins [PAL]
  448. Yoku’s Island Express [PAL]
  449. Yomawari: The Long Night Collection [PAL]
  450. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles [PAL]
  451. Yono and the Celestial Elephants [PAL]
  452. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair [PAL]
  453. Yoshi’s Crafted World [PAL]
  454. Youtubers Life OMG! [PAL]
  455. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Adventurer’s Edition [PAL]
  456. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution [PAL]
  457. YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world [PAL]
  458. Zombieland: Double Tap – Road Trip [PAL]
  459. Zumba Burn It Up! [PAL]

Nintendo eShop

  1. Asdivine Hearts [JAP]
  2. Blaster Master Zero [PAL]
  3. Blaster Master Zero: Shantae DLC [PAL]
  4. Blaster Master Zero: Shovel Knight DLC [PAL]
  5. Boushitsu no Istaria [JAP]
  6. Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch’s Story:COMBAT [PAL]
  7. Cat Quest [PAL]
  8. Final Fantasy VII [PAL]
  9. Final Fantasy IX [PAL]
  10. Grandia HD Collection [PAL]
  11. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers [PAL]
  12. Stardew Valley [PAL]

Wii U

  1. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Limited Edition [PAL]
  2. Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition [PAL]
  3. Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2 Special Edition [PAL]
  4. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker [PAL]
  5. Darksiders II [PAL]
  6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [PAL]
  7. Doubutsu no Mori: amiibo Festival Kent-tsuki [JAP]
  8. Game & Wario [PAL]
  9. Hyrule Warriors [PAL]
  10. Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush [PAL]
  11. Legend of Kay Anniversary [PAL]
  12. LEGO City Undercover Limited Edition [PAL]
  13. LEGO The Hobbit [PAL]
  14. Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games [PAL]
  15. Mario Kart 8 [PAL]
  16. Mario Party 10 [PAL]
  17. Mass Effect 3: Special Edition [PAL]
  18. Mighty No. 9 [PAL]
  19. Minecraft: Wii U Edition [PAL]
  20. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [PAL]
  21. New Super Luigi U [PAL]
  22. New Super Mario Bros. U [PAL]
  23. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge [PAL]
  24. Nintendo CAT-R Demo Disc [Hyrule Warriors, PAL]
  25. Nintendo Land [PAL]
  26. One Piece Unlimited World Red [PAL]
  27. Paper Mario: Color Splash [PAL]
  28. Pikmin 3 [PAL]
  29. Pokkén Tournament [PAL]
  30. Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Limited Edition [PAL]
  31. Rayman Legends [PAL]
  32. Rodea The Sky Soldier [JAP]
  33. Rodea The Sky Soldier [PAL]
  34. Rodea The Sky Soldier Limited Edition [PAL]
  35. Shovel Knight [PAL]
  36. Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Set [PAL]
  37. Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Set Dark Edition [PAL]
  38. Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition [PAL]
  39. Splatoon [PAL]
  40. Star Fox Zero First Print Edition [PAL]
  41. Super Mario 3D World [PAL]
  42. Super Mario Maker [PAL]
  43. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U [PAL]
  44. Teslagrad [PAL]
  45. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 [PAL]
  46. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [PAL]
  47. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD [PAL]
  48. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Limited Edition [PAL]
  49. The Wonderful 101 [PAL]
  50. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE [PAL]
  51. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortissimo Edition [PAL]
  52. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper [PAL]
  53. Wii Party U [PAL]
  54. Xenoblade Chronicles X [PAL]
  55. Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition [PAL]
  56. Yoshi’s Woolly World [PAL]
  57. ZombiU [PAL]

Wii U Nintendo eShop

  1. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? [PAL]
  2. EarthBound [PAL]
  3. Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure [PAL]
  4. Super Metroid [PAL]
  5. Trine 2: Director’s Cut [PAL]
  6. Wii Street U [PAL]


  1. a boy and his blob [PAL]
  2. Akumajou Dracula Judgment [JAP]
  3. Animal Crossing: City Folk [US]
  4. Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City [PAL]
  5. Another Code R: Kioku no Tobira [JAP]
  6. Arc Rise Fantasia [JAP]
  7. Battalion Wars 2 [PAL]
  8. Battalion Wars 2 [US]
  9. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise [PAL]
  10. Big Beach Sports [PAL]
  11. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree [US]
  12. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree [US]
  13. Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles [JAP]
  14. Bleach Wii: Hakujin Kirameku Rondo [JAP]
  15. Bokujou Monogatari: Yasuragi no Ki [JAP]
  16. Bokujou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March [JAP]
  17. Boom Street [PAL]
  18. Caduceus Z! Futatsu no Chou Shittou [JAP]
  19. Caduceus New Blood [JAP]
  20. Calling: Kuroki Chakushin [JAP]
  21. Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle [PAL]
  22. Captain Rainbow [JAP]
  23. Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon: Tokiwasure no Meikyuu [JAP]
  24. Cooking Mama: Minna to Issho ni Oryouri Taikai! [JAP]
  25. Crash of the Titans [PAL]
  26. Crazy Climber [JAP]
  27. Cursed Mountain [PAL]
  28. Dairantou Smash Brothers X [JAP]
  29. Deadly Creatures [PAL]
  30. Dead Space Extraction [JAP]
  31. Dewy’s Adventure: Suisei Dewy no Daibouken [JAP]
  32. Disaster: Day of Crisis [PAL]
  33. Disney The Princess and the Frog [PAL]
  34. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast [US]
  35. Donkey Kong Country Returns [PAL]
  36. Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory [JAP]
  37. Dragon Quest Swords: Kamen no Joou to Kagami no Tou [JAP]
  38. Earth Seeker [JAP]
  39. Eledees [PAL]
  40. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep [PAL]
  41. Ennichi no Tatsujin [JAP]
  42. Excitebots: Trick Racing [US]
  43. Excitebots: Trick Racing [US]
  44. Excitebots: Trick Racing [US]
  45. FIFA 09 All-Play [PAL]
  46. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers [JAP]
  47. Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami [JAP]
  48. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn [US]
  49. FlingSmash [PAL]
  50. Forever Blue [JAP]
  51. Forever Blue 2: Umi no Yobigoe [JAP]
  52. Fragile: Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo [JAP]
  53. Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon [PAL]
  54. Fushigi no Dungeon – Fuurai no Shiren 3: Karakuri Yashiki no Nemurihime [JAP]
  55. Ghost Recon [PAL]
  56. Go! Go! Minon [JAP]
  57. Go Vacation [PAL]
  58. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core [JAP]
  59. Happy Dance Collection [JAP]
  60. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [PAL]
  61. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody [PAL]
  62. Hoshi no Kirby: 20-shuunen Special Collection [JAP]
  63. Hospital: 6-nin no Ishi [JAP]
  64. Ikenie no Yoru [JAP]
  65. Inazuma Eleven Strikers [PAL]
  66. Ju-On: The Grudge [PAL]
  67. Kage no Tou [JAP]
  68. Karaoke Joysound Wii DX [JAP]
  69. Kaseki Monster Spectrobes [JAP]
  70. Kaze no Klonoa – door to phantomile [JAP]
  71. Keito no Kirby [JAP]
  72. Kekkaishi: Kokubourou no Kage [JAP]
  73. Kiki Trick [JAP]
  74. Kirby’s Adventure Wii [PAL]
  75. Kirby’s Epic Yarn [PAL]
  76. Kororinpa [PAL]
  77. Kyoufu Taikan Juon [JAP]
  78. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga [PAL]
  79. Link’s Crossbow Training [PAL]
  80. Little King’s Story [PAL]
  81. Machi e Ikouyo – Doubutsu no Mori [JAP]
  82. MadWorld [PAL]
  83. Mario Kart Wii [PAL]
  84. Mario Party 8 [PAL]
  85. Mario Party 8 [US]
  86. Mario Party 8 [US]
  87. Mario Party 9 [PAL]
  88. Mario Sports Mix [PAL]
  89. Mario Strikers Charged Football [PAL]
  90. Mario Strikers Charged [US]
  91. Mario Strikers Charged [US]
  92. Metroid: Other M [JAP]
  93. Metroid: Other M [PAL]
  94. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [JAP]
  95. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [US]
  96. Minna no Rhythm Tengoku [JAP]
  97. Monster Hunter 3 [JAP]
  98. Monster Hunter 3 Demo [JAP]
  99. Monster Hunter Tri [PAL]
  100. Monster Hunter G [JAP]
  101. Muramasa: The Demon Blade [PAL]
  102. MySims [PAL]
  103. MySims Agents [PAL]
  104. Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident [PAL]
  105. Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 European Version [PAL]
  106. Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX [JAP]
  107. Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III – European Version [PAL]
  108. Necro-Nesia [JAP]
  109. Negima!? Neo-Pactio Fight!! [JAP]
  110. New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat [US]
  111. New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat [US]
  112. New Play Control! Pikmin [PAL]
  113. New Super Mario Bros. Wii [PAL]
  114. NiGHTS: Hoshifuru Yoru no Monogatari [JAP]
  115. Nintendo Selects: Super Mario Galaxy [PAL]
  116. Nodame Cantabile [JAP]
  117. No More Heroes [PAL]
  118. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle [PAL]
  119. Oboro Muramasa [JAP]
  120. Okami [PAL]
  121. Oneechanbara Revolution [JAP]
  122. One Piece Unlimited Adventure [JAP]
  123. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Episode 1: Nami ni Yureru Hihou [JAP]
  124. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Episode 2: Mezameru Yuusha [JAP]
  125. Ookami [JAP]
  126. Opoona [JAP]
  127. Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper [JAP]
  128. Ougon no Kizuna [JAP]
  129. Pandora no Tou: Kimi no Moto e Kaeru made [JAP]
  130. Pandora’s Tower [PAL]
  131. Pangya! Golf with Style [PAL]
  132. Phantom Brave Wii [JAP]
  133. Pokémon Battle Revolution [JAP]
  134. Pokémon Battle Revolution [PAL]
  135. Pokémon Battle Revolution [US]
  136. PokéPark Wii Pikachu no Daibouken [JAP]
  137. PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure [PAL]
  138. PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond [PAL]
  139. Pop’n Music [JAP]
  140. Punch-Out!! [PAL]
  141. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords [PAL]
  142. Rayman Raving Rabbids [PAL]
  143. Red Steel [PAL]
  144. Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil [PAL]
  145. Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero [PAL]
  146. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles [PAL]
  147. Rodea The Sky Soldier [PAL]
  148. Rune Factory Frontier [JAP]
  149. Rune Factory Frontier [PAL]
  150. Rygar: The Battle of Argus [PAL]
  151. Samba de Amigo [JAP]
  152. Samurai Warriors 3 [PAL]
  153. Sea Monsters: A Prehsitoric Adventure [PAL]
  154. SEGA Superstars Tennis [PAL]
  155. Sengoku Musou 3 [JAP]
  156. Sharuui: Takoron [JAP]
  157. Shikigami no Shiro III [JAP]
  158. Shin Chuuka Taisen: Michael to Meimei no Bouken [JAP]
  159. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies [PAL]
  160. Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Set [PAL]
  161. Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Set Dark Edition [PAL]
  162. Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack [PAL]
  163. Sonic and the Secret Rings [PAL]
  164. Sonic Colors [JAP]
  165. Sonic Colours [PAL]
  166. Sonic to Ankoku no Kishi [JAP]
  167. Sonic to Himitsu no Ring [JAP]
  168. Sonic Unleashed [PAL]
  169. Sonic World Adventure [JAP]
  170. Soul Calibur Legends [JAP]
  171. Soul Eater Monotone Princess [JAP]
  172. Super Mario All-Stars [PAL]
  173. Super Mario Galaxy [JAP]
  174. Super Mario Collection Special Pack [JAP]
  175. Super Mario Galaxy 2 [PAL]
  176. Super Mario Galaxy 2 [US]
  177. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz [PAL]
  178. Super Paper Mario [JAP]
  179. Super Paper Mario [US]
  180. Super Smash Bros. Brawl [PAL]
  181. Super Smash Bros. Brawl [US]
  182. Super Smash Bros. Brawl [US]
  183. Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou [JAP]
  184. Suzumiya Haruhi no Heiretsu [JAP]
  185. Swing Golf Panya [JAP]
  186. Swing Golf Panya 2nd Shot! [JAP]
  187. Takarajima Z: Barbaros no Hihou [JAP]
  188. Takarajima Z: Barbaros no Hihou Taikenhen [JAP]
  189. Takt of Magic [JAP]
  190. Tales of Graces[JAP]
  191. Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi[JAP]
  192. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes [JAP]
  193. Tenchuu 4 [JAP]
  194. Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea [JAP]
  195. Tetris Party Deluxe [PAL]
  196. THE DOG ISLAND: Hitotsu no Hana no Monogatari [JAP]
  197. The Godfather: Blackhand Edition [PAL]
  198. The House of the Dead 2&3 Returns [PAL]
  199. The House of the Dead: OVERKILL [PAL]
  200. The Last Story [JAP]
  201. The Last Story [PAL]
  202. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [PAL]
  203. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [PAL]
  204. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Demo [PAL]
  205. THE Shooting Action – SIMPLE Wii Series Vol. 4 [JAP]
  206. Tomb Raider: Underworld [PAL]
  207. Tsumi to Batsu: Sora no Koukeisha [JAP]
  208. Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga [JAP]
  209. WarioLand Shake [JAP]
  210. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension [PAL]
  211. WarioWars: Smooth Moves [PAL]
  212. Wii de Asobu Metroid Prime [JAP]
  213. Wii de Asobu Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes [JAP]
  214. Wii Fit [JAP, kun disk]
  215. Wii Fit [PAL]
  216. Wii Fit Plus [PAL]
  217. Wii Fit Plus [US]
  218. Wii Music [PAL]
  219. Wii Party [PAL]
  220. Wii Play [PAL]
  221. Wii Play: Motion [PAL]
  222. Wii Sports [PAL]
  223. Wii Sports [US]
  224. Wii Sports [US]
  225. Wii Sports [US]
  226. Wii Sports Resort [JAP]
  227. Wing Island [PAL]
  228. Xenoblade [JAP]
  229. Xenoblade Chronicles [PAL]
  230. Yukinjou Daisenpuu [JAP]
  231. Zangeki no Reginleiv [JAP]
  232. Zero: Shinku no Chou [JAP]
  233. Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen [JAP]


  1. Alien Crush Returns [JAP]
  2. Bokujou Monogatari Series: Makiba no Omise [JAP]
  3. Boku mo Sekai wo Sukuitai [JAP]
  4. Bubble Bobble Wii [JAP]
  5. Cave Story [PAL]
  6. Dr. Mario to Saikin Bokumetsu [JAP]
  7. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years [PAL]
  8. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Chiisana Ousama to Yakusoku no Kuni [JAP]
  9. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Hikari to Yami no Himegimi to Sekai Seifuku no Tou [JAP]
  10. Gradius Rebirth [JAP]
  11. Kyotokei [PAL]
  12. Line Attack Heroes [JAP]
  13. Lostwinds [PAL]
  14. Muscle Koushinkyoku [JAP]
  15. Ransen! Pokémon Scramble [JAP]
  16. RockMan 9: Yabou no Fukkatsu [JAP]
  17. Sorcery Blade [JAP]
  18. Space Invaders Get Even [JAP]
  19. Star Soldier R [JAP]

Virtual Console

  1. Adventure Island [TurboGrafx]
  2. Ai Chouaniki [TurboGrafx CD]
  3. Alien Crush [TurboGrafx]
  4. Altered Beast [Sega Mega Drive]
  5. Bomberman ’93 [TurboGrafx]
  6. Bonanza Bros. [Sega Mega Drive]
  7. Bonk’s Adventure [TurboGrafx]
  8. Chrono Trigger [SNES]
  9. Comix Zone [Sega Mega Drive]
  10. Contra Spirits [Super Famicom]
  11. Donkey Kong [NES]
  12. Donkey Kong Country [SNES]
  13. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine [Sega Mega Drive]
  14. Dungeon Explorer [TurboGrafx]
  15. Ecco the Dolphin [Sega Mega Drive]
  16. F-Zero [SNES]
  17. Final Fantasy III [SNES]
  18. Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo [Super Famicom]
  19. Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [Super Famicom]
  20. Gain Ground [Sega Mega Drive]
  21. Genpei Toumaden [PC Engine]
  22. Golden Axe [Sega Mega Drive]
  23. Gradius [NES]
  24. Gunstar Heroes [Sega Mega Drive]
  25. Harvest Moon [SNES]
  26. Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami [Famicom]
  27. Legend of Zelda [NES]
  28. Mario Kart 64 [N64]
  29. Mega Man III [NES]
  30. Motoroader [TurboGrafx]
  31. Neutopia [TurboGrafx]
  32. R-Type [TurboGrafx]
  33. R-Type II [PC Engine]
  34. Ristar [Sega Mega Drive]
  35. Seiken Densetsu 2 [Super Famicom]
  36. SimCity [SNES]
  37. Sin & Punishment [N64]
  38. Soldier Blade [TurboGrafx]
  39. Solomon’s Key [NES]
  40. Sonic the Hedgehog [Sega Mega Drive]
  41. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior [SNES]
  42. Super Castlevania IV [SNES]
  43. Super Mario 64 [N64]
  44. Super Mario Bros. [NES]
  45. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars [SNES]
  46. Super R-Type III: The Third Lightning [Super Famicom]
  47. Super Star Soldier [TurboGrafx]
  48. Toe Jam & Earl [Sega Mega Drive]
  49. Valkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu [Famicom]
  50. Wario’s Woods [NES]
  51. Wonder Momo [PC Engine]
  52. Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce [Super Famicom]


  1. 115 Titles Shuuroku!! [JAP]
  2. 1080° Avalanche [US]
  3. 1080° Avalanche [US]
  4. Animal Crossing [US]
  5. Animal Crossing [US]
  6. Atsumare!! Made in Wario [JAP]
  7. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance [PAL]
  8. Baten Kaitos: Owaranai Tsubasa to Ushinawareta Umi [JAP]
  9. Baten Kaitos: Owarenai Tsubasa to Ushinawareta Umi Special Taiken Disk [JAP]
  10. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean [PAL]
  11. Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi [JAP]
  12. Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi [JAP, kun disk 1]
  13. Baten Kaitos Origins [US]
  14. Batman: Dark Tomorrow [JAP]
  15. Battalion Wars [US]
  16. Battalion Wars [US]
  17. Battle Houshin [JAP]
  18. Battle Stadium D.O.N [JAP]
  19. Biohazard 0 Trial Edition [JAP]
  20. Biohazard 2 [JAP]
  21. Biohazard 4 Taikenban [JAP]
  22. Biohazard Double Feature [JAP]
  23. Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami [JAP]
  24. Bloody Roar Extreme [JAP]
  25. Bokujyou Monogatari: Shiawase no Uta for World [JAP]
  26. Bokujyou Monogatari: Wonderful Life for Girl [JAP]
  27. Bomberman Jetterz [JAP]
  28. Captain Tsubasa: Ougon Jidai no Chousen [JAP]
  29. Chibirobo! [JAP]
  30. Chibi-robo! [US]
  31. Club Nintendo Original e-Catalog 2004 [JAP]
  32. Custom Robo Battle Revolution [JAP]
  33. Dairantou Smash Brothers DX [JAP]
  34. Dance Dance Revolution with Mario [JAP]
  35. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 [US]
  36. Densetsu no Quiz Ou Ketteisen [JAP]
  37. Disney’s Mickey Mouse no Fushigi na Kagami [JAP]
  38. Disney’s Mickey to Minnie Trick & Chase [JAP]
  39. Disney’s Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse [US]
  40. Disney Sports: American Fotball [JAP]
  41. Disney Sports: Basketball [JAP]
  42. Disney Sports: Skateboarding [JAP]
  43. Disney Sports: Soccer [JAP]
  44. Donkey Konga [JAP]
  45. Donkey Konga [PAL, kun disk]
  46. Donkey Konga [US]
  47. Donkey Konga [US]
  48. Donkey Konga 2 [US]
  49. Donkey Konga 2 [US]
  50. Donkey Konga 3 [JAP]
  51. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat [PAL, kun disk]
  52. Doshin the Giant [PAL]
  53. Doubutsu Banchou [JAP]
  54. Doubutsu no Mori e+ [JAP]
  55. Dream Mix TV World Fighters [JAP]
  56. Druaga no Tou [JAP]
  57. Eternal Arcadia Legend [JAP]
  58. Eternal Darkness: Manukareta 13-nin [JAP]
  59. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem [US]
  60. Evolution Worlds [PAL]
  61. Fight Night Round 2 [JAP]
  62. FIFA Soccer 2002: Major League Soccer [US]
  63. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [JAP]
  64. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [US]
  65. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [US]
  66. Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki [JAP]
  67. FreeLoader [PAL]
  68. FreeLoader [PAL]
  69. F-Zero GX [JAP]
  70. F-Zero GX [PAL]
  71. Gakuen Toushi Valanoir Roses [JAP]
  72. Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc [PAL]
  73. Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc [PAL]
  74. Game Taikai Nyuushou Kinen Tokusei SmaBro DX Movie Disk [JAP]
  75. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy [PAL]
  76. Geist [PAL]
  77. Gekkan Nintendou Tentou Demo 2003 8-gatsugou [JAP]
  78. Generations of Chaos Exceed: Yami no Koujo Zero [JAP]
  79. Giftpia [JAP]
  80. Groove Adventure RAVE: Fighting Live [JAP]
  81. Harry Potter to Kenja no Ishi [JAP]
  82. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [PAL]
  83. Hikaru no Go 3 [JAP]
  84. Homeland [JAP]
  85. Homeland Test Disk [JAP]
  86. Ikaruga [JAP]
  87. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc May 2002 [PAL]
  88. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc September 2002 [PAL]
  89. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc November 2002 [PAL]
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  98. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc October 2005 [PAL]
  99. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc October 2005 [PAL, kun disk]
  100. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc April 2006 [PAL]
  101. James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire [US]
  102. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 12 [JAP]
  103. Kaijuu no Shima: Amazing Island [JAP]
  104. Kidou Senshi Gundam: Yuushatachi no Kiseki [JAP]
  105. Kinnikuman 2-sei: Shinsedai Choujin vs Densetsu Choujin (Bandai the Best) [JAP]
  106. Kirby no Air Ride [JAP]
  107. Knights of the Temple [PAL]
  108. Konjiki no Gashbell: Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! [JAP]
  109. Konjiki no Gashbell: Yuujou Tag Battle FullPower [JAP]
  110. Konjiki no Gashbell: Yuujou Tag Battle 2 [JAP]
  111. Kururin Squash! [JAP]
  112. Kyojin no Doshin [JAP]
  113. Lost Kingdoms [PAL]
  114. Luigi’s Mansion [US]
  115. Luigi’s Mansion [US]
  116. Luigi’s Mansion [US, kun disk]
  117. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour [US]
  118. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! [JAP]
  119. Mario Party 4 [JAP]
  120. Mario Party 4 Player’s Choice [PAL]
  121. Mario Party 4 [US]
  122. Mario Party 5 [JAP]
  123. Mario Party 5 [US]
  124. Mario Party 6 [US]
  125. Mario Party 6 [US]
  126. Mario Power Tennis [US]
  127. Medal of Honor Frontline [US, kun disk]
  128. Mega Man X Collection [US]
  129. Metal Gear Special Disk [JAP]
  130. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes [JAP]
  131. Metroid Prime [JAP]
  132. Metroid Prime [US]
  133. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes [PAL]
  134. Mutsu to no Hohon [JAP]
  135. Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen [JAP]
  136. Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 [JAP]
  137. Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 [JAP]
  138. NBA Courtside 2002 [JAP]
  139. NBA Courtside 2002 [US, kun disk]
  140. NHL Hitz 20-02 [US]
  141. Nintendo GameCube Soft e-Catalog 2003 Enjoy Plus-ban [JAP]
  142. Nintendo Puzzle Collection [JAP]
  143. Odama [JAP]
  144. Odama [PAL]
  145. Ohenro-san: Hosshin no Dojo (Awanokuni) Hen Kihon Set [JAP]
  146. Ohenro-san: Hosshin no Dojo (Awanokuni) Hen 3-ten Set [JAP]
  147. One Piece Grand Battle! Rush [JAP]
  148. One Piece Grand Battle! 3 [JAP]
  149. One Piece Pirates’ Carnival [JAP]
  150. One Piece Treasure Battle! [JAP]
  151. P.N.03 [JAP]
  152. Pac-Man Vs. [JAP]
  153. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [US]
  154. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II [JAP]
  155. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II [PAL]
  156. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Modem Adapter Set [JAP]
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  159. Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution Trial Edition [JAP]
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  174. Pokémon Colosseum Youyaku Tokuten – Nintendo Tokusei Disc (Celebi) [JAP]
  175. Pokémon XD: Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia [JAP]
  176. Pokémon XD: Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia [JAP]
  177. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness [US]
  178. Puyo Pop Fever [JAP]
  179. Radirgy – GeneriC [JAP]
  180. Resident Evil Zero [US]
  181. Resident Evil 4 [US]
  182. RockMan EXE Transmission [JAP]
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  184. Rune [JAP]
  185. Rune II: Koruten no Kagi no Himitsu [JAP]
  186. SD Gundam Gashapon Wars Taikenban [JAP]
  187. Shaman King: Soul Fight! [JAP]
  188. Shikigami no Shiro II [JAP]
  189. Shinki Sekai Evolutia [JAP]
  190. Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Evolution [JAP]
  191. The Sims [PAL]
  192. Skies of Arcadia Legends [PAL]
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  221. Tomy Presents Special Disk Naruto Collection [JAP]
  222. Universal Studio Japan Adventure [JAP]
  223. Viewtiful Joe [JAP]
  224. Viewtiful Joe 2 [JAP]
  225. Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgement Six no Yabou [JAP]
  226. Virtua Soccer 3 Version 2002 [JAP]
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  234. Zelda no Densetsu: Twilight Princess [JAP]
  235. Zoids Versus II Desert Liger Set [JAP]

Nintendo 64

  1. 1080° Snowboarding [JAP]
  2. 64 de Hakken!! Tamagocchi: Minna de Tamagocchi World [JAP]
  3. 64 Hanafuda: Tenshi no Yakusoku [JAP]
  4. 64 Oozumou [JAP]
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  7. 64 Trump Collection: Alice no WakuWaku Trump World [JAP]
  8. Aero Gauge [JAP]
  9. Air Boarder 64 [JAP]
  10. AI Shougi 3 [JAP]
  11. Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku [JAP]
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  13. Baku Bomberman [PAL]
  14. Baku Bomberman 2 [JAP]
  15. Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaiou [JAP]
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  17. Banjo-Kazooie [PAL]
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  19. Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken 2 [JAP]
  20. Banjo-Tooie [PAL]
  21. Bass Rush: EcoGear PowerWorm Championship [JAP]
  22. Beetle Adventure Racing [JAP]
  23. Biohazard 2 [JAP]
  24. Blastdozer [JAP]
  25. Bokujou Monogatari 2 [JAP]
  26. Bomberman 64 [JAP]
  27. Bomberman 64 [JAP, kun kassett]
  28. Bomberman Hero: Milian Oujo wo Sukue! [JAP]
  29. Bomberman Hero [US]
  30. Buck Bumble [PAL]
  31. Buck Bumble [JAP]
  32. California Speed [US]
  33. Chameleon Twist [JAP]
  34. Chameleon Twist [JAP, kun kassett]
  35. Chameleon Twist 2 [JAP]
  36. ChoroQ 64 [JAP]
  37. ChoroQ 64 Original ChoroQ Blue Metallic Version-tsuki [JAP]
  38. ChoroQ 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix [JAP]
  39. Chou Kuukan Night Pro Yakyuu King [JAP]
  40. Chou Kuukan Night Pro Yakyuu King 2 [JAP]
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  42. City Tour Grandprix: Zen Nihon GT Senshuuken [JAP]
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  58. Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS! [JAP]
  59. Doubutsu no Mori [JAP]
  60. Doubutsu no Mori w/Controller Pak [JAP]
  61. Dual Heroes [JAP]
  62. Eikou no St. Andrews [JAP]
  63. Eltale Monsters [JAP]
  64. Excitebike 64 [JAP]
  65. Extreme G [JAP]
  66. Extreme G2 [JAP]
  67. F-1 World Grand Prix [JAP]
  68. Famista 64 [JAP]
  69. FIFA Road to WORLD CUP 98 [JAP]
  70. Fighting Cup [JAP]
  71. Fushigi na Dungeon – Fuurai no Shiren 2: Oni Shuurai! Shirenjou! [JAP]
  72. F-Zero X [JAP]
  73. Ganbare Goemon: Derodero Douchu Obake Tenkomori [JAP]
  74. Ganbare Goemon: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori [JAP]
  75. Ganbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000 [JAP]
  76. G.A.S.P!! Fighter’s NEXTream [JAP]
  77. Gauntlet Legends [JAP]
  78. Gauntlet Legends [US]
  79. Getter Love!! Chou Renai Party Game Tanjou!! [JAP]
  80. Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku [JAP]
  81. GoldenEye 007 [JAP]
  82. Hamster Monogatari 64 [JAP]
  83. HEIWA Pachinko World 64 [JAP]
  84. Hey You, Pikachu! [US]
  85. Hexen [US]
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  88. Human Grand Prix: The New Generation [JAP]
  89. Hybrid Heaven [JAP]
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  102. Jikkyou GI Stable [JAP]
  103. Jikkyou J. League Perfect Striker [JAP]
  104. Jikkyou J.League 1999 Perfect Striker 2 [JAP]
  105. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 4 [JAP]
  106. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 5 [JAP]
  107. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 [JAP]
  108. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000 [JAP]
  109. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Basic-ban 2001 [JAP]
  110. Jikkyou World Soccer 3 [JAP]
  111. Kakutou Denshou F-cup Maniax [JAP]
  112. King Hill 64: Extreme Snowboarding [JAP]
  113. Kiratto Kaiketsu! 64 Tanteidan [JAP]
  114. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [PAL]
  115. Knife Edge: Nose Gunner [JAP]
  116. Last Legion UX [JAP]
  117. Let’s Smash [JAP]
  118. Lode Runner 3D [JAP]
  119. Lylat Wars [PAL]
  120. Magical Tetris Challenge feat. Mickey [JAP]
  121. Mahjong 64 [JAP]
  122. Mahjong Hourouki Classic [JAP]
  123. Mahjong Master [JAP]
  124. Mario Golf 64 [JAP]
  125. Mario Golf [US]
  126. Mario Kart 64 [JAP]
  127. Mario Kart 64 Twin Color no Controller-tsuki [JAP]
  128. Mario Kart 64 [PAL]
  129. Mario Kart 64 Players Choice [PAL]
  130. Mario no Photopi [JAP]
  131. Mario no Photopi w/SmartMedia Kit [JAP]
  132. Mario Party [JAP]
  133. Mario Party 2 [JAP]
  134. Mario Party 3 [JAP]
  135. Mario Story [JAP]
  136. Mario Tennis 64 [JAP]
  137. Mario Tennis [PAL]
  138. Masters ’98: Harukanaru Augusta [JAP]
  139. Micky no Racing Challenge USA [JAP]
  140. Mischief Makers [PAL]
  141. Morita Shougi 64 [JAP]
  142. Multi Racing Championship [JAP]
  143. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon [US]
  144. Nascar 99 [US]
  145. NBA In the Zone 2 [JAP]
  146. NBA In the Zone ’98 [JAP]
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  148. Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers [JAP]
  149. Nushitsuri 64 [JAP]
  150. Nushitsuri 64: Shiokaze ni Notte [JAP]
  151. Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber [JAP]
  152. Olympic Hockey Nagano 98 [JAP]
  153. Onegai Monster [JAP]
  154. Pachinko 365-nichi [JAP]
  155. Paper Mario [PAL]
  156. Paper Mario [PAL, kun kassett]
  157. Parlor! Pro 64 [JAP]
  158. PD Ultraman Battle Collection 64 [JAP]
  159. Perfect Dark [PAL]
  160. Perfect Dark [JAP]
  161. Perfect Dark [JAP]
  162. Perfect Dark Memory Kakuchou Pak Tsuki [JAP]
  163. Pikachu Genki Dechu VRS Set [JAP]
  164. Pilotwings 64 [JAP]
  165. Pocket Monsters Stadium [JAP]
  166. Pocket Monsters Stadium 64 GB Pack ga Set! [JAP]
  167. Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 [JAP]
  168. Pokémon Puzzle League [PAL]
  169. Pokémon Puzzle League [US]
  170. Pokémon Snap [JAP]
  171. Pokémon Snap [US]
  172. Pokémon Stadium [PAL]
  173. Pokémon Stadium: Kin Gin Crystal Version [JAP]
  174. Pokémon Stadium 2 [PAL]
  175. Power League 64 [JAP]
  176. Pro Mahjong Kiwame 64 [JAP]
  177. Pro Shinan Mahjong Tsuwamono 64: Jansou Battle ni Chousen [JAP]
  178. PuyoPuyo Sun 64 [JAP]
  179. PuyoPuyo~n Party [JAP]
  180. Puzzle Bobble 64 [JAP]
  181. Quest 64 [US]
  182. Rakugakids [JAP]
  183. Rally ’99 [JAP]
  184. Rampage: World Tour [US]
  185. Robot Ponkottsu 64: Nanatsu no Umi no Caramel [JAP]
  186. Rockman DASH Hagane no Boukenshin [JAP]
  187. Saikyou Habu Shougi [JAP]
  188. SD Hiryuu no Ken Densetsu [JAP]
  189. Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers [JAP]
  190. Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Endou Brave Spirits [JAP]
  191. Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Endou 2 The Next Generation [JAP]
  192. Shinseiki Evangelion [JAP]
  193. Sim City 2000 [JAP]
  194. Snobow Kids [JAP]
  195. Snow Speeder [JAP]
  196. Sonic Wings Assault [JAP]
  197. Space Dynamites [JAP]
  198. Star Fox 64 [JAP]
  199. Star Fox 64 Plus Shindou Pak [JAP]
  200. Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth [JAP]
  201. Star Twins [JAP]
  202. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer [JAP]
  203. Star Wars: Shutsugeki! Rogue Chuutai [JAP]
  204. Star Wars: Teikoku no Kage [JAP]
  205. Super B-Daman Battle Phoenix 64 [JAP]
  206. Super Bowling [JAP]
  207. Super Mario 64 [JAP]
  208. Super Mario 64 Shindou Pack Taiou [JAP]
  209. Super Mario 64 [PAL]
  210. Super Robot Spirits [JAP]
  211. Super Robot Taisen 64 [JAP]
  212. Super Smash Bros. [PAL]
  213. Super Smash Bros. [US]
  214. Super Speed Race 64 [JAP]
  215. Susume! Taisen Puzzledama Toukon! Marutamamachi [JAP]
  216. Tetris 64 [JAP]
  217. Tetrisphere [US]
  218. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Adventure Set #841/1000 [PAL]
  219. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [PAL]
  220. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [US, holographic]
  221. The New Tetris [PAL]
  222. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 [PAL]
  223. Top Gear Hyper Bike [JAP]
  224. Top Gear Overdrive [JAP]
  225. Top Gear Rally [JAP]
  226. Top Gear Rally 2 [JAP]
  227. Transformer Beast Wars Metals 64 [JAP]
  228. Tsumi to Batsu: Hoshi no Keishousha [JAP]
  229. Ucchan Nanchan no Honoo no Challenger: Denryuu IraIra-Bou [JAP]
  230. Violence Killer: Turok New Generation [JAP]
  231. Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 [JAP]
  232. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2: Oudou Keishou [JAP]
  233. V-Rally Edition 99 [JAP]
  234. Wave Race 64 [JAP]
  235. Wave Race 64 Shindou Pak Taiou Version [JAP]
  236. Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey [JAP]
  237. Wetrix [JAP]
  238. Wild Choppers [JAP]
  239. WinBack [JAP]
  240. Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette [JAP]
  241. Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette [JAP, kun kassett]
  242. WWF Wrestlemania 2000 [JAP]
  243. Yakouchuu II: Satsujin Kouro [JAP]
  244. Yoshi’s Story [JAP]
  245. Yoshi’s Story [PAL]
  246. YukeYuke!! Trouble Makers [JAP]
  247. Yukeyuke!! Trouble Makers [JAP, kassett]
  248. Zelda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen [JAP]
  249. Zelda no Densetsu: Mujura no Kamen Kakuchou Pack [JAP]
  250. Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Ocarina [JAP]
  251. Zool Majuutsukai Densetsu [JAP]

Nintendo 64DD

  1. Mario Artist: Communication Kit [JAP]
  2. Mario Artist: Paint Studio [JAP]
  3. Mario Artist: Polygon Studio [JAP]
  4. Mario Artist: Talent Studio [JAP]
  5. Sim City 64 [JAP]

Super Famicom / SNES

  1. 46-okunen Monogatari [JAP]
  2. Albert Odyssey [JAP]
  3. Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou [JAP]
  4. Angelique: Voice Fantasy[JAP]
  5. Araiguma Rascal [JAP]
  6. Area 88 [JAP]
  7. Axelay [PAL]
  8. Bahamut Lagoon [JAP]
  9. Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin [JAP]
  10. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Kondo wa Puzzle de Oshiokiyo!! [JAP]
  11. Bokujou Monogatari [JAP]
  12. Brandish [JAP]
  13. Breath of Fire II: Shimei no Ko [JAP]
  14. Breath of Fire II [PAL]
  15. Breath of Fire II Retranslated #14/21 [US]
  16. BS-X: Sore wa Namae wo Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari – Dr. Mario [JAP, kun kassett]
  17. Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu [JAP]
  18. Bust-A-Move [US]
  19. Card Master: Rimsalia no Fuuin [JAP]
  20. Chrono Trigger [JAP]
  21. Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer [JAP]
  22. Daibakushou Jinsei Gekijou Ooedo Nikki [JAP]
  23. Daibakushou Jinsei Gekijou Zukkoke Salaryman-hen [JAP]
  24. Daikaijuu Monogatari [JAP]
  25. Darius Twin [JAP]
  26. Darius Twin [PAL]
  27. Dark Half [JAP]
  28. Densetsu no Ogre Battle Boxed [JAP]
  29. Densetsu no Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen [JAP]
  30. Der Langrisser Boxed [JAP]
  31. Der Langrisser [JAP]
  32. Dossun! Ganseki Battle [JAP]
  33. Dragon Knight 4 Boxed [JAP]
  34. Dragon Knight 4 [JAP]
  35. Dragon Quest I.II [JAP]
  36. Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e… [JAP]
  37. Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome [JAP]
  38. Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi [JAP]
  39. Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu [JAP]
  40. Drakkhen [JAP]
  41. Drakkhen [JAP, kun kassett]
  42. Dual Orb II [JAP]
  43. Dungeon Master [JAP]
  44. Elfaria [JAP]
  45. Elfaria II – The Quest of the Meld [JAP]
  46. Elfaria II – The Quest of the Meld [JAP, kun kassett]
  47. Elnard [JAP]
  48. Emit Vol. 1: Toki no Maigo [JAP]
  49. Energy Breaker [JAP]
  50. Estpolis Denki [JAP]
  51. Estpolis Denki II [JAP]
  52. Farland Story [JAP]
  53. FEDA The Emblem of Justice [JAP]
  54. Final Fantasy IV [JAP]
  55. Final Fantasy V [JAP]
  56. Final Fantasy VI Boxed [JAP]
  57. Final Fantasy VI [JAP]
  58. Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest [JAP]
  59. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest [USA]
  60. Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo [JAP]
  61. Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [JAP]
  62. Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Deluxe Pack [JAP]
  63. First Queen: Ornick Senki [JAP]
  64. Front Mission [JAP]
  65. Front Mission Gun Hazard [JAP]
  66. Full Throttle: All-American Racing [PAL]
  67. Fushigi no Dungeon Toruneko no Daibouken [JAP]
  68. Gadurin [JAP]
  69. Gaia Gensouki [JAP]
  70. Gaia Gensouki [JAP, kun kassett]
  71. G.O.D -Growth or devolution- Mezameyou to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe [JAP]
  72. Gokujou Parodius [JAP]
  73. Goof Troop [PAL]
  74. Gradius III [JAP]
  75. Gradius III [USA]
  76. Hamelin no Violin-hiki [JAP]
  77. Hanjuku Eiyuu: Aa, Sekai yo Hanjuku nare…!! [JAP]
  78. Hanjuku Eiyuu: Aa, Sekai yo Hanjuku nare…!! [JAP, kun kassett]
  79. Holy Striker [JAP]
  80. Illvanian no Shiro: Ruins of Illvanian [JAP]
  81. Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius [JAP]
  82. Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues [PAL]
  83. Jutei Senki Boxed [JAP]
  84. Jutei Senki [JAP]
  85. Kamaitachi no Yoru [JAP]
  86. Kirby’s Dream Course [PAL]
  87. Kishin Kourinden ONI [JAP]
  88. Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust: Kieta Shoujo [JAP]
  89. Krusty’s Super Fun House [PAL]
  90. Lady Stalker: Kako kara no Chousen [JAP]
  91. Lady Stalker: Kako kara no Chousen [JAP, kun kassett]
  92. Lagoon [PAL]
  93. Lennus: Kodai Kikai no Kioku [JAP]
  94. Light Fantasy [JAP]
  95. Little Master: Nijiiro no Maseki [JAP]
  96. Lodoss-tou Senki [JAP]
  97. Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Daiyouchienji [JAP]
  98. Mahou Kishi Rayearth [JAP]
  99. Marmalade Boy [JAP]
  100. Mickey no Magical Adventure [JAP]
  101. Mickey to Minnie: Magival Adventure 2 [JAP]
  102. Monster Maker III: Hikari no Majutsushi [JAP]
  103. Mortal Kombat 3 [PAL]
  104. Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen [JAP]
  105. Mystic Arc [JAP]
  106. Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun [JAP]
  107. Naxat Super Pinball: Jaki Hakai [JAP]
  108. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition [PAL]
  109. Nintama Rantarou [JAP]
  110. Panel de Pon [JAP]
  111. Parodius da! Shinwa Kara Owarai e [JAP]
  112. Popful Mail Boxed [JAP]
  113. Popful Mail [JAP]
  114. Pop’n Twinbee [JAP]
  115. Populous [JAP]
  116. Power of the Hired [JAP]
  117. Power Soukoban Package-ban [JAP]
  118. Probotector: The Alien Wars [PAL]
  119. Power of the Hired [JAP]
  120. Princess Minerva [JAP]
  121. Raiden Densetsu [JAP]
  122. Ranma½ Bakuretsu Rantouhen [JAP]
  123. Ranma½ Chougi Ranbuhen [JAP]
  124. Ranma½ Chounai Gekitouhen [JAP]
  125. Rockman X [JAP]
  126. Rock’n Roll Racing [JAP]
  127. Ryuu Knight: Lord of Paladin [JAP]
  128. Ryuu no Senshi Breath of Fire [JAP]
  129. Sazan Eyes: Juuma Houkan [JAP]
  130. Sazan Eyes: Seima Kourinden [JAP]
  131. Secret of Evermore [PAL]
  132. Secret of Mana [PAL]
  133. Seiken Densetsu II Boxed [JAP]
  134. Seiken Densetsu II [JAP]
  135. SF Memory Cassette [JAP]
  136. Shin Megami Tensei [JAP]
  137. Shin Megami Tensei II [JAP]
  138. Silver Saga 2 [JAP]
  139. SimCity [JAP]
  140. SimCity [PAL]
  141. Slayers [JAP]
  142. Soul Blader Boxed [JAP]
  143. Soul Blader [JAP]
  144. Soul Blazer [PAL]
  145. Spider-Man – X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge [PAL]
  146. Star Ocean [JAP]
  147. Street Fighter II [JAP]
  148. Street Fighter II [PAL]
  149. Super Bomberman [PAL]
  150. Super Bomberman 2 [JAP]
  151. Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber World [JAP]
  152. Super Chinese World [JAP]
  153. Super Drakkhen [JAP]
  154. Super Famicom Mouse Set: Mario to Wario [JAP]
  155. Super Famicom Mouse Set: Mario Paint [JAP]
  156. Super Ghouls ‘n Goblins [PAL]
  157. Super Gussun Oyoyo [JAP]
  158. Super Gussun Oyoyo 2 [JAP]
  159. Super Mario All-Stars [PAL]
  160. Super Mario Kart [JAP]
  161. Super Mario Kart [PAL]
  162. Super Mario World [PAL]
  163. Super Momotarou Dentetsu III [JAP]
  164. Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux [JAP]
  165. Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux [JAP, kun kassett]
  166. Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu: Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki [JAP]
  167. Super PuyoPuyo [JAP]
  168. Super PuyoPuyo Tsuu [JAP]
  169. Super PuyoPuyo Tsuu Remix [JAP]
  170. Super R-Type [JAP]
  171. Super R-Type [PAL]
  172. Super Soukoban [JAP]
  173. Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss Genteiban [JAP]
  174. Super Tetris 3 [JAP]
  175. Super Turrican [JAP]
  176. Syvalion [JAP]
  177. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together [JAP]
  178. Tales of Phantasia [JAP]
  179. Tecmo Super Baseball [JAP]
  180. Tenchi Muyo! Game-hen [JAP]
  181. Terranigma [PAL]
  182. Tetris Battle Gaiden [JAP]
  183. Tetris & Dr. Mario [PAL]
  184. Tetris Flash [JAP]
  185. The Firemen [JAP]
  186. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [PAL]
  187. Theme Park [PAL]
  188. Thoroughbred Breeder III [JAP]
  189. Tiny Toon Adventures [JAP]
  190. Trinea [JAP]
  191. Tsuyoshi Shikkarishinasai Taisen Puzzle-dama [JAP]
  192. Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventure [JAP]
  193. Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 3 [JAP, komplett forhandlereske med 10 stk.]
  194. Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shounen Pino [JAP]
  195. Xandra no Daibouken: Valkyrie to no Deai [JAP]
  196. Yoshi no Road Hunting [JAP]
  197. Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2 [PAL]
  198. Ys III: Wanderers From Ys [JAP]
  199. Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce [JAP]


  1. Ice Hockey [PAL]
  2. The Legend of Zelda [PAL]
  3. The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [PAL]
  4. Little Nemo: The Dream Master [PAL]
  5. Little Red Riding Hood [BOOTLEG]
  6. Nintendo World Cup [PAL]
  7. Pong [BOOTLEG]
  8. Shadowgate [PAL]
  9. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt [PAL]

Famicom Disk System

  1. F1 Race [JAP]

Nintendo 3DS

  1. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer [PAL]
  2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf [PAL]
  3. Bokujou Monogatari: 3-tsu no Sato no Taisetsu na Tomodachi [JAP]
  4. Bokujou Monogatari: Hajimari no Daichi [JAP]
  5. Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shintenchi [JAP]
  6. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy [JAP]
  7. Bravely Default [PAL]
  8. Bravely Second: End Layer [PAL]
  9. Bravely Second: End Layer Deluxe Collector’s Edition [PAL]
  10. Bravely Second End Layer [JAP]
  11. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate [PAL]
  12. Code of Princess [JAP]
  13. Culdcept [JAP]
  14. Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition [PAL]
  15. Daigassou! Band Brothers P [JAP]
  16. Daigyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken [JAP]
  17. Daigyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo [JAP]
  18. Dairantou Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS [JAP]
  19. Devil Survivor Overclock [JAP]
  20. Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers [PAL]
  21. Disney Magical World [PAL]
  22. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D [PAL]
  23. Doubutsu no Mori Happy Home Designer [JAP]
  24. Dragon Quest VII: Eden no Senshitachi [JAP]
  25. Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi [JAP]
  26. Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki wo Motomete [JAP]
  27. Elminage Ibun Ame no Mihashira Kai [JAP]
  28. Etrian Mystery Dungeon [PAL]
  29. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight [PAL]
  30. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan [PAL]
  31. Ever Oasis: Seirei to Tanebito no Mirage [JAP]
  32. Ever Oasis [PAL]
  33. Fantasy Life [PAL]
  34. Fantasy Life LINK! [JAP]
  35. Final Fantasy Explorers [JAP]
  36. Fire Emblem: Awakening [PAL]
  37. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia [PAL]
  38. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition [PAL]
  39. Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition [PAL]
  40. Fire Emblem if Anya Oukoku [JAP]
  41. Fire Emblem if Byakuya Oukoku [JAP]
  42. Fire Emblem Kakusei [JAP]
  43. Fire Emblem Warriors [PAL]
  44. Gardening Mama: Forest Friends [PAL]
  45. Gon: BakuBakuBakuBaku Adventure [JAP]
  46. GUILD01 [JAP]
  47. GuruGuru! Chibi-Robo! amiibo Set [JAP]
  48. Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection [JAP]
  49. Gyakuten Saiban 5 [JAP]
  50. Gyakuten Saiban 6 [JAP]
  51. Hakoboy! Hakodzume Box [JAP]
  52. Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning [PAL]
  53. Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Limited Edition [PAL]
  54. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley [PAL]
  55. Hatsune Miku and Future Stars -Project mirai- [JAP]
  56. Hatsune Miku: Project mirai 2 [JAP]
  57. Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Deluxe [JAP]
  58. Heroes of Ruin [PAL]
  59. Hey! Pikmin [JAP]
  60. HomeTown Story [PAL]
  61. Hyrule Warriors Legends Limited Edition [PAL]
  62. Katachi Shin Hakken! Rittai Picross 2 [JAP]
  63. Ken to Mahou to Gakuenmono. 3D [JAP]
  64. Kid Icarus: Uprising [PAL]
  65. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] [JAP]
  66. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] [PAL]
  67. Kinki no Magna [JAP]
  68. Kirby: Planet Robobot Limited Edition [PAL]
  69. Kirby: Triple Deluxe [PAL]
  70. Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shibou desu [JAP]
  71. Labyrinth no Kanata [JAP]
  72. Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei [JAP]
  73. Layton Kyouju VS Gyakuten Saiban [JAP]
  74. Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy [PAL]
  75. LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins [PAL]
  76. Little Battlers eXperience [PAL]
  77. Luigi’s Mansion 2 [PAL]
  78. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. [PAL]
  79. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. [PAL]
  80. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions [PAL]
  81. Mario Golf: World Tour [PAL]
  82. Mario Kart 7 [PAL]
  83. Mario Kart 7 Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AMKP-EUR]
  84. Mario Party: Island Tour [PAL]
  85. Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition [US]
  86. Megami Meguri Collector’s Package Complete Edition [JAP]
  87. Meitantei Pikachu [JAP]
  88. Metroid: Samus Returns [PAL]
  89. Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition [PAL]
  90. Miitopia [PAL]
  91. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate [PAL]
  92. Monster Hunter Stories [PAL]
  93. Nazo Waku Yakata: Oto no Ma ni Ma ni [JAP]
  94. New Love Plus+ [JAP]
  95. New Super Mario Bros. 2 [PAL]
  96. Nintendo 3DS Movie Player Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AABP-EUR]
  97. nintendogs + cats: Shiba & New Friends [JAP]
  98. nintendogs + cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends [PAL]
  99. Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique [PAL]
  100. Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward [PAL]
  101. One Piece Romance Dawn: Bouken no Yoake [JAP]
  102. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special [JAP]
  103. Onna no Ko to Misshitsu ni Itara ○○shichaukamoshirenai. [JAP]
  104. Paper Mario: Sticker Star [PAL]
  105. Pilotwings Resort [PAL]
  106. Pocket Monster Alpha Sapphire [JAP]
  107. Pocket Monster Omega Ruby [JAP]
  108. Pocket Monster Ultra Moon [JAP]
  109. Pocket Monster Ultra Sun [JAP]
  110. Pocket Monster Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Double Pack [JAP]
  111. Pocket Monster X [JAP]
  112. Pocket Monster Y [JAP]
  113. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire [PAL]
  114. Pokémon Moon [PAL]
  115. Pokémon Moon Fan Edition [PAL]
  116. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity [PAL]
  117. Pokémon Omega Ruby [PAL]
  118. Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon Double Pack [JAP]
  119. Pokémon Sun [PAL]
  120. Pokémon Sun Fan Edition [PAL]
  121. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon [PAL]
  122. Pokémon Ultra Dual Edition [PAL]
  123. Pokémon Ultra Moon [PAL]
  124. Pokémon Ultra Moon Fan Edition [PAL]
  125. Pokémon Ultra Sun [PAL]
  126. Pokémon Ultra Sun Fan Edition [PAL]
  127. Pokémon X [PAL]
  128. Pokémon Y [PAL]
  129. Popolocrois Bokujou Monogatari [JAP]
  130. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy [PAL]
  131. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask [PAL]
  132. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [PAL]
  133. Project X Zone [JAP]
  134. Project X Zone 2: Brave New World – Original Game Sound Edition [JAP]
  135. Project X Zone 2 [PAL]
  136. Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition [PAL]
  137. Resident Evil Revelations [PAL]
  138. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D [PAL]
  139. Rhythm Kaitou R: Koutei Napoleon no Isan [JAP]
  140. Rhythm Tengoku The Best+ [JAP]
  141. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure [PAL]
  142. Rodea the Sky Soldier [JAP]
  143. Rodea the Sky Soldier [PAL]
  144. RPG Maker Fes Limited Edition [PAL]
  145. Rune Factory 4 [JAP]
  146. Sayonara Umihara Kawase [JAP]
  147. Sengoku Musou Chronicle [JAP]
  148. Senran Kagura: Shoujotachi no Shinei [JAP]
  149. Senran Kagura Burst: Guren no Shoujotachi [JAP]
  150. Senran Kagura 2 Shinku [JAP]
  151. Shantae: Kaizoku no Noroi [JAP]
  152. Shingeki no Kyojin: Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa [JAP]
  153. Shingeki no Kyojin Jinrui: Saigo no Tsubasa Chain [JAP]
  154. Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami [JAP]
  155. Shin Megami Tensei IV [JAP]
  156. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers [PAL]
  157. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked [PAL]
  158. Shinobi [PAL]
  159. Shinrei Camera: Tsuiteru Tecohu [JAP]
  160. Shovel Knight amiibo Set [JAP]
  161. Shovel Knight [PAL]
  162. Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippodan [JAP]
  163. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal [PAL]
  164. SoniPro [JAP]
  165. Star Fox 64 3D [PAL]
  166. Steel Diver [PAL]
  167. Stella Glow [JAP]
  168. Story of Seasons [PAL]
  169. Super Mario 3D Land [PAL]
  170. Super Mario 3D Land Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AREP-EUR]
  171. Super Pokémon Scramble [JAP]
  172. Super Pokémon Rumble [PAL]
  173. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS [PAL]
  174. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition [PAL]
  175. Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi-Dragon to Fushigi na Orb [JAP]
  176. Tales of the Abyss [JAP]
  177. Tales of the World Reve Unitia [JAP]
  178. Tekken 3D Prime Edition [PAL]
  179. Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle [PAL]
  180. Terraria [PAL]
  181. Tetris [JAP]
  182. The Alliance Alive [JAP]
  183. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest [JAP]
  184. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy [JAP]
  185. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call [JAP]
  186. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call [JAP]
  187. The Legend of Legacy [JAP]
  188. The Legend of Legacy [PAL]
  189. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [PAL]
  190. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition [PAL]
  191. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D [PAL]
  192. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AQEP-EUR]
  193. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AQEP-EUR]
  194. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Demo Version [LNZ-CTR-AQEP-EUR]
  195. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes [PAL]
  196. The Snack World: Trejarers [JAP]
  197. Time Travelers [JAP]
  198. Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D [JAP]
  199. Tomodachi Life [PAL]
  200. Ultimate NES Remix [PAL]
  201. UnchainBlades EXXIV [JAP]
  202. UnchainBlades REXX [JAP]
  203. Xenoblade [JAP]
  204. Yoshi’s New Island [PAL]

Nintendo eShop

  1. 3D Classics: Excitebike [JAP]
  2. 3D Classics: Excitebike [PAL]
  3. 3D Classics: Kid Icarus [PAL]
  4. Balloon Fight [JAP]
  5. Balloon Fight [PAL]
  6. Denpa Ningen no RPG [JAP]
  7. Donkey Kong Jr. [JAP]
  8. Donkey Kong Jr. [PAL]
  9. Drancia Saga [JAP]
  10. Drillon’s Rolling Western [PAL]
  11. Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki [JAP]
  12. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones [PAL]
  13. Flipnote Studio 3D [PAL]
  15. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity [PAL]
  16. Hirari Sakurazamurai [JAP]
  17. Hoshi no Kirby: Kagami no Daimeikyuu [JAP]
  18. Ice Climber [JAP]
  19. Ice Climber [PAL]
  20. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror [PAL]
  21. Kokoro ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara. [JAP]
  22. Link no Bouken [JAP]
  23. Made in Wario [JAP]
  24. Mario & Yoshi [PAL]
  25. Mario Kart Advance [JAP]
  26. Mario Kart Advance [PAL]
  27. Mario Open Golf [JAP]
  28. Mario vs. Donkey Kong [JAP]
  29. Mario vs. Donkey Kong [PAL]
  30. Metroid [JAP]
  31. Metroid [PAL]
  32. Metroid Fusion [JAP]
  33. Metroid Fusion [PAL]
  34. My Nintendo Picross The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess [JAP]
  35. NES Open Tournament Golf [JAP]
  36. Picross e [PAL]
  37. Pokédex 3D [PAL]
  38. Pokémon AR Searcher [JAP]
  39. Pokémon Bank [PAL]
  40. Pokémon Battle Torouze [JAP]
  41. Pokémon Red Version [PAL]
  42. Pokémon Rittai Zukan BW [JAP]
  43. Poké Transporter [PAL]
  44. Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight [JAP]
  45. SteamWorld Dig [PAL]
  46. Super Mario Advance 3 [JAP]
  47. Super Mario Bros. [PAL]
  48. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe [PAL]
  49. Super Mario Brothers [JAP]
  50. The Legend of Zelda [PAL]
  51. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX [PAL]
  52. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap [PAL]
  53. Valkyrie no Bouken – Toki no Kagi Densetsu with Xiaomu [JAP]
  54. Wario Land 4 [PAL]
  55. Wario Land Advance: Youki no Otakara [JAP]
  56. Wario Ware, Inc: Minigame Mania [PAL]
  57. Wrecking Crew [JAP]
  58. Wrecking Crew [PAL]
  59. Yoshi no Tamago [JAP]
  60. Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 [PAL]
  61. Zelda no Densetsu [JAP]
  62. Zelda no Densetsu: Fushigi no Boushi [JAP]
  63. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [PAL]

Nintendo DS

  1. 13-sai no Hello Work DS [JAP]
  2. Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice [US]
  3. Advance Wars: Dual Strike [US]
  4. Aka-chan wa Doko Kara Kuru no? [JAP]
  5. Akai Ito [JAP]
  6. Animal Crossing: Wild World [US]
  7. Animal Kororo [EU]
  8. Another Code: 2tsu no Kioku [JAP]
  9. Another Code: Two Memories [EU]
  10. Archaic Sealed Heat [JAP]
  11. Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island [US]
  12. Avalon Code [JAP]
  13. Away Shuffle Dungeon [JAP]
  14. Bakushow [EU]
  15. Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS [JAP]
  16. Big Brain Academy [EU]
  17. Big Brain Academy Demo [NTR-A43P-EUR]
  18. Blood of Bahamut [JAP]
  19. Bokujou Monogatari: Futago no Mura [JAP]
  20. Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima [JAP]
  21. Bokujou Monogatari: Kirakira Taiyou to Nakamatachi [JAP]
  22. Bokujou Monogatari: Korobokkle Station [JAP]
  23. Bokujou Monogatari: Youkoso! Kaze no Bazaar e [JAP]
  24. Bomberman Land Touch! 2 [Utviklingskassett]
  25. Bouken Ou Beet: Vandel VS. Busters [JAP]
  26. Bleach: The Blade of Fate [EU]
  27. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [EU]
  28. Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol [US, Wal-Mart edition]
  29. Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon [JAP]
  30. Chokkan Hitofude [JAP]
  31. Chokkan Hitofude [JAP, kun kassett]
  32. Chrono Trigger [JAP]
  33. Cid to Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon: Tokiwasure no Meikyuu DS+ [JAP]
  34. Contact [Utviklingskassett]
  35. Cross Treasures [JAP]
  36. Daigassou! Band Brothers [JAP]
  37. Daigassou! Band Brothers Request Selection [JAP]
  38. Densetsu no Starfy 4 [JAP]
  39. Devilish: Ball Bounder [JAP]
  40. Diddy Kong Racing Demo [DIS-NTR-AWDP-EUR]
  41. Diddy Kong Racing Demo [DIS-NTR-AWDP-EUR]
  42. Diddy Kong Racing Demo [DIS-NTR-AWDP-EUR]
  43. Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! [JAP]
  44. Dokidoki Majo Shinpan 2 [JAP]
  45. Donkey Kong Jungle Climber [EU]
  46. Dragon Ball DS [JAP]
  47. Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi [JAP]
  48. Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome [JAP]
  49. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie [EU]
  50. Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito [JAP]
  51. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies [EU]
  52. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker [JAP]
  53. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 [JAP]
  54. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 [EU]
  55. DS Dengeki Bunko Inukami! [JAP]
  56. DS Rakubiki Jiten [JAP]
  57. Dungeon Maker [EU]
  58. Ecolis [JAP]
  59. Egg Monster Hero [JAP]
  60. Eiyuu Senki Laevatein [JAP]
  61. ElectroPlankton [JAP]
  62. ElectroPlankton [US]
  63. Estpolis [JAP]
  64. Etrian Odyssey [EU]
  65. Facening de Hyoujoyutaka ni Inshou Up: Otona no DS Kao Traning [JAP]
  66. Feel the Magic: XY/XX [US]
  67. Feel the Magic XY/XX [US]
  68. Final Fantasy III [EU]
  69. Final Fantasy IV [JAP]
  70. Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings [JAP]
  71. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time [JAP]
  72. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate [JAP]
  73. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire [JAP]
  74. Fire Emblem: Shin Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken [JAP]
  75. Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo – Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu [JAP]
  76. Flower, Sun and Rain [EU]
  77. From the Abyss [JAP]
  78. Futari wa Precure Max Heart: Danzen! DS de Precure Chikara wo Awasete Dai Battle [JAP]
  79. Game & Watch Collection [JAP]
  80. Ghost Trick [JAP]
  81. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [EU]
  82. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn [EU]
  83. Gouma Reifuden Izuna [JAP]
  84. Gouma Reifuden Izuna Ni [JAP]
  85. Guilty Gear Dust Strikers [JAP]
  86. Guru Guru Nagetto [JAP]
  87. Gyakuten Kenji [JAP]
  88. Gyakuten Kenji 2 [JAP]
  89. Gyakuten Saiban 2 [JAP]
  90. Gyakuten Saiban 3 [JAP]
  91. Gyakuten Saiban 4 [JAP]
  92. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Dual Sympathy [JAP]
  93. Hakoniwa Seikatsu Hitsujimura DS [JAP]
  94. Harvest Moon DS [US]
  95. Heracles no Eikou: Tamashii no Shoumei [JAP]
  96. Hikari to 4-Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden [JAP] [JAP]
  97. Hoshigami [JAP]
  98. Idolmaster Dearly Stars [JAP]
  99. Inazuma Eleven [EU]
  100. Inazuma Eleven 2: FireStorm [EU]
  101. Iria no Sora UFO no Natsu: Shoukai Genteihen [JAP]
  102. Iron Feather [JAP]
  103. Joshikousei Nigeru! Shinrei Puzzle Gakuen [JAP]
  104. Jump Super Stars [JAP]
  105. Jump Ultimate Stars [JAP]
  106. Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten [JAP]
  107. Keroro RPG: Senshi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku [JAP]
  108. Kimi ni Todoke: Sodateru Omoi [JAP]
  109. Kimi no Yuusha [JAP]
  110. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [JAP]
  111. Kirby Mass Attack [EU]
  112. Kouchou Kakutou: Mushi 1 Grand Prix [JAP]
  113. Kouchou Ouja Mushiking: Greatest Champion e no Michi DS [JAP]
  114. Kumatanchi [JAP]
  115. Kurukuru Chameleon DS [JAP]
  116. Kurukuru Princess: Figure de Kirakira-Koori no Angel [JAP]
  117. Kyouryuu Taisen Dino Champ: Saikyou DNA Hakkutsu Daisakusen [JAP]
  118. Kyuukyuukyuumei Ceduceus 2 [JAP]
  119. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West [EU]
  120. Londonian Gothics: Meikyuu no Lolita [JAP]
  121. Lost in Blue [US]
  122. LostMagic [EU]
  123. Love Plus+ [JAP]
  124. Lucky Star: Moe Drill [JAP]
  125. Luminous Arc [JAP]
  126. Luminous Arc 2 Will [JAP]
  127. Luminous Arc 3 Eyes [JAP]
  128. Lunar: Dragon Song [US]
  129. Magnetica [US, kun kassett]
  130. MapleStory DS [JAP]
  131. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story [EU, kun kassett]
  132. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time [US]
  133. Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! [JAP]
  134. Mario Kart DS [EU]
  135. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  136. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  137. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  138. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  139. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  140. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  141. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  142. Mario Kart DS Demo [DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR]
  143. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! [EU]
  144. Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime: Tenshi ga Kanaderu Ai no Uta [JAP]
  145. Mawashite Koron [JAP]
  146. Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team [EU]
  147. Meteos [JAP]
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Pokémon mini

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  4. Pokémon Zany Cards [PAL]

Game Boy Color

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Virtual Boy

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